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Barbu is a card game for four players.  Originally a French (or possibly Polish) game which emerged in the 1930s, there are now a number of variants.  This site is devoted to a version played mainly by Bridge players, which evolved sometime in the late 1960s.

The greatest difference from the original game is that this version incorporates an auction, where the dealer selects a contract and each player can then double, and redouble, each other player.

The game requires considerable judgement in the bidding and skill in the play.  Accurate counting is a necessity, and good card-reading is heavily rewarded.

Barbu is popular amongst tournament Bridge players.  It was played by members of the Italian Blue Team and is played by a number of top Bridge players.  Bridge players are attracted by Barbu’s scope for judgement and card-reading, without Bridge’s need for complex partnership agreements.

Barbu is traditionally a gambling game, but is also widely played for fun and kudos.  It is sometimes played as duplicate, where several tables each play the same hands.

The game can be played online, and this site contains a ranking list based on online games, as well as links to the software and an explanation of how to get started.

We also run occasional bidding competitions, similar to those that appear in Bridge magazines, and an archive of these can be found on the “Barbu events” page.

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Geoff Hampson wins the June ladder.
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Here you’ll see details of games, events, and discussion of interesting deals.

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Barbu World Championships — 2012


For discussion and current news see Facebook, also see website for entries.


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· website: Barbu World Championships 2012

Geoff Hampson

Geoff Hampson