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Online Barbu Membership

Membership and inclusion to the online barbu club is free.

Anyone can apply to be a member, so long as they join via one of the following routes:

1. Introduction from existing member

2. Application by email


Application by email

Please send an email to info@barbu.co.uk

You will be asked to supply some basic information such as: full name, email, phone number.


Text Box: Online Barbu Etiquette
Joining tables and leaving
When you join please say “Hi”, “Ciao”, “Yo”, “Bok”, “wave” or something.
Ask before you sit. All you have to do is say “Need 1?” or “N1?”

Another player may have joined just before you, and has asked the same question, and is waiting for a reply. Also, somebody in the lobby may have agreed to come, and is just starting Barbuwin.

When you leave, say “bye”, “adios”, “Ciao”, or something.

Play Speed
Not all players can play fast. Sometimes they are less experience, like to play seriously, or prefer to take a little longer to work out a difficult situation. Also, a couple of players have difficulty using the keyboard and mouse. So please try to be tolerant. Saying "please play faster" is considered impolite and should be avoided.
If you are short of time or only want to play in a "fast game" you should make this clear before you sit. If you are serving a game - and you only want to play a fast game - then say on facebook "fast game at ......". A fast game is a game which we expect will be completed in less than 70 minutes.
Humour and chatting
Some people are using a laptop or small monitor. They cannot always see all of the chat window. A delay in reply can be expected.
If you make a joke which might be misunderstood, please put a smiley  :) . If the other people at the table aren’t English please avoid slang.

Leaving games
Never abandon a game. Always try to stay. If you are very unhappy, then get a sub, or ask the person who served to find a sub. 

You can always ask for a ruling after the game is over. We can see the deal and consult 3 players. This is a fast and good way of resolving misunderstandings. If the score is adjusted we always tell the players by email, and explain why.

This is the policy for subs and scores
The default is that the original player is assigned the score unless it is clearly agreed at the time the replacement player takes over. 
The software gives the score to the player who plays the last deal so generally it is necessary for the server to edit the saved hand records. 
It is only necessary to edit the name of the player at the top of the text file (use notepad or any other text editor) before sending the results in.

This was generally agreed amongst the players in early 2012.

Score Adjustments 

By default, the software will give the score to the person who finished the game. If that is wrong, somebody has to do something to change it. If you are not the server, ask the server to make sure that the score is corrected.
If you are the server, do one of these things:
- Edit the file before sending it. You only have to change the names at the top of the file.
- Send the result in without editing it, and tell Shireen or me what needs changing. Make sure that you tell us the time that you sent the result, who substituted for whom, what the scores were, and who should get the score.
Andy andy@hartsdale.co.uk

BarbuWeb is a web application. You can use PC, Mac, a tablet. These browsers are supported:

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera.

The link you need for now is here:


It will change in a few weeks. The new link will be put here on this page, and in the Facebook group “Online Barbu”

In order to play you must be a member of the Facebook Group “Online Barbu”. Please login to BarbuWeb via Facebook. Games are arranged via the Facebook group.

For your first game, please ask an existing member to help you with the interface. Right now it is evolving daily. It is simple and intuitive to use. But you will need help.

It is essential that you follow the Online Barbu rules (explained here on this site, click “Barbu Rules” link at the top of this page).

Please observe the etiquette rules you see in the panel on the right.

Typically, a game lasts between 55 mins and 75 mins.

Arranging a game: most games are arranged using Facebook or Yahoo Messenger.  Please join the Facebook group called “Online Barbu”.  For help with arranging a game, please contact info@barbu.co.uk 



Game Total


K = -20



1st = +45, 2nd = +20, 3rd = +5, 4th = -5



A = -6, other = -2


Last Two

Trick 12 = -10, Trick 13 = -20



Each Trick = -2



Each Queen = -6



Each Trick = +5