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Many people have been contributed to the creation of the ranking system. However, special thanks are due to:

Gerben Dirksen, for having the idea, devising the original formula, writing the first program to calculate ratings, administering it for most of the first year, and providing useful advice and mathematical assistance ever since.

Graham Hazel, without whose software none of it would have been possible.

Chris Dixon, for sorting out the problem with serving that had been causing anguish for five years.

Stephen Frechette and Aashish Welling, for giving us a brand-new web-based version of the software in 2020.

Steve Altus, David Beer, Lew Stansby, Neil Trentham and Giles Woodruff, for providing advice and comments on the ranking system.

Barbu Heroes

Monthly winners, 2024

January: Geoff Hampson

February: Mark Tynkov

March: Dana Berkowitz

Annual winners, 2003-23

2023 ladder: Ben Kristensen

2022 ladder: Mike Rice

2021 ladder: Steven De Donder

2020 ladder: Steven De Donder

2019 ladder: Steven De Donder

2018 ladder: Mark Tynkov

2017 ladder: Doron Limor

2016 ladder: Neil Trentham

2016 “Zester”: Dan Hoffenberg

2015 ladder: Alessio Isaia

2015 “Zester”: Dan Hoffenberg

2014 ladder: Doron Limor

2014 “Zester”: Dean Pokorny

2013 ladder: Ben Handley-Pritchard

2013 “Zester”: Ben Handley-Pritchard

2012 ladder: Ben Handley   -Pritchard

2012 “Zester”: Ben Handley-Pritchard

2011 ladder: Fabio Lo Presti

2011 “Zester”: Willie Whitaker

2011 “Apple core”: Steve Altus

2010 ladder: Steve Altus

2010 “Zester”: Andrew Garnett

2010 “Apple core”: Steve Altus

2009 ladder: Mike Rice

2009 “Zester”: Doron Limor

2009 “Apple core”: Michael Wilkinson

2008 ladder: John Therkelsen

2008 “Zester”: Ben Handley-Pritchard

2008 “Apple core”: Fabio Lo Presti

2007 ladder: Mike Rice

2007 “Zester”: Martin Garvey

2007 “Apple core”: Tony Nunn

2006 ladder: Francesco Mazzadi

2006 “Zester”: Martin Garvey

2006 “Apple core”: David Grainger

2005 ladder: Jérome Rombaut

2005 “Zester”: Martin Garvey

2005 “Apple core”: Jérome Rombaut

2004 ladder: Joel Wooldridge

2004 “Zester”: Neil Trentham

2004 “Apple core”: Joel Wooldridge

2003 ladder: JoAnna Stansby

Ladder, March 2024

This competition finished on the last day of March 2024. Congratulations to Dana Berkowitz.

Minimum games to qualify: 6.

Pos Name Ladder
Current playing strength Games Wins Avg.
Avg. playing strengh of oppo Avg. score adj. for oppo's strength
1Dana Berkowitz1100.560.32348%72.0435-22774%40.2112.2
2Steven De Donder1099.292.83639%96.3367-19378%3.9100.2
3Ben Kristensen1089.4115.51155%157.5417-9582%1.3158.7
4Federico Bianchi1085.955.66330%56.5295-20673%29.485.9
5Alessio Isaia1073.872.12035%80.4379-27775%7.287.6
6Zachary Grossack1065.281.91050%98.6332-14760%26.6125.2
7Marco Novara1062.355.95139%50.1310-28475%12.262.3
8Mark Tynkov1061.085.93429%45.3323-24165%16.762.0
9Fabio Quai1059.765.09828%36.2332-36663%23.659.7
10Beppe Mistretta1055.964.36831%37.6413-32563%18.355.9
11Rosalind Lin1053.344.12245%59.6355-63373%0.960.6
12Patric Sierzega1052.642.75925%33.5318-36666%19.152.6
13Matt Dobbs1051.136.42322%22.5272-39661%34.657.0
14Marco Prestini1043.149.26826%35.5435-37757%7.643.1
15Gaetano Damiata1039.148.44129%20.8284-29454%18.539.3
16John Diamond1035.965.42129%21.4238-29252%20.241.7
17Fabrizio Farnesi1032.927.28830%23.0333-37059%10.032.9
18Geoff Hampson1029.480.23824%-0.3321-48758%29.929.6
19Stav Dan1020.718.17436%60.6324-27265%-40.020.7
-Dan Hoffenberg1020.646.8250%186.5192181100%-3.4183.1
20Sami Casanova1020.346.21233%-3.0250-28333%36.533.5
21Michael Wilkinson1018.067.12030%8.2319-36150%13.221.3
-Migry Zur Campanile1013.765.0520%43.2296-40880%6.449.6
22Umberto Prestini1011.8-17.05227%-14.4307-39246%26.311.8
23Stan Schenker1010.214.34927%-8.6274-40753%18.810.2
-Sarina Chaiken1010.1-46.120%66.510429100%23.389.8
24Giancarlo Rosselli1009.67.5825%24.4220-18175%-2.022.4
25Gianluca Lodato1008.917.37422%-4.8284-34549%13.78.9
-Arm Pontecom1008.6-22.41100%153.0153153100%-0.9152.1
-John McAllister1008.18.210%117.0117117100%26.2143.2
26Giorgio Caccia1007.714.03511%-12.7195-30846%20.67.8
27Jaron Marcus1005.619.83429%-15.4388-46844%21.15.6
28Chris Dixon1004.847.41625%10.3158-22363%-3.86.5
29Jill Levin1002.121.23231%-29.7368-46847%31.82.1
-John Parsons1001.230.2250%21.0121-7950%-10.310.7
30Clovis Dehaye999.550.5922%-22.4171-32956%21.5-1.0
-Mike Rice999.5101.410%-11.0-11-110%2.7-8.3
-Francesco Mazzadi997.728.210%-53.0-53-530%11.5-41.5
31Fabrizio Guttadauro994.934.82818%-22.3315-38454%16.9-5.4
32JoAnna Stansby994.234.42114%-25.6229-39152%18.9-6.8
-Barbie W992.7-97.610%-13.0-13-130%-116.2-129.2
33Alessandro Colombo990.80.86818%-27.2295-39143%18.0-9.2
-Yaron Yaron990.5-35.1540%11.2220-23860%-45.4-34.2
-Sarit Betzalel989.1-194.010%-172.0-172-1720%-22.0-194.0
34Tamara Hoylaerts986.9-15.270%-42.663-13629%8.1-34.4
-Keiran Crowe-Mai982.5-50.110%-282.0-282-2820%-29.1-311.1
-Myrh Tmr982.3-157.820%-71.0-9-1330%-86.6-157.6
35Joan Clark981.43.0186%-21.2277-39244%-2.2-23.3
36Tsahi Maimon977.2-3.011626%-27.7467-58146%4.9-22.8
-Orly Weil976.5-416.110%-318.0-318-3180%-98.1-416.1
-Gabriel Feldstein971.6-71.330%-178.0-9-4080%9.0-169.0
38Jackie Smith966.6-67.41817%-52.7277-35939%10.7-42.0
39Maree Crawford959.3-54.25411%-59.4241-38326%18.8-40.7
40Giorgio Peterlongo957.6-65.72516%-50.8244-52136%4.9-45.9
41Benoit Guiot946.324.970%-130.39-32414%-11.2-141.4
-Jonathan Halamish940.1-356.430%-296.7-228-3550%-59.7-356.4
42Raz Betzalel921.3-77.75012%-59.6224-44142%-19.1-78.7
43Ofir Rosenfeld905.2-108.92818%-69.1287-63739%-30.5-99.6
44Beryel Dorscht895.7-102.4186%-137.2167-36739%6.2-130.9
45Aharon Shaked879.0-213.3119%-211.8181-50227%-3.0-214.8
46Michael Yo859.8-144.96813%-130.1295-69626%-10.0-140.2

Hall of Fame, March 2024

Highest scores achieved over the period:

Name Result
 Tsahi Maimon467
 Marco Prestini435
 Dana Berkowitz435
 Tsahi Maimon424
 Ben Kristensen417

Hall of Shame, March 2024

Lowest scores over the period:

Name Result
 Michael Yo-696
 Ofir Rosenfeld-637
 Rosalind Lin-633
 Michael Yo-595
 Michael Yo-591